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Last Updated on September 22, 2020

While I have gone to great lengths to build exhaustive resources containing all of the necessary lessons, tools, and practice materials to ensure students will have success after taking the course, I can’t guarantee that all students will be successful marketing themselves or get high-ticket clients really fast.

Just as colleges and universities do not guarantee you will get a job after graduating, students enrolled in Slay Your Gram Program are not guaranteed success or income merely by completing the course. All students who enroll acknowledge this fact and agree that securing clients is solely their own responsibility.

Further, before enrolling in the course, students agree that any success/income is solely dependent upon their own understanding and application of the material, content, and methods as outlined in the course. Not following instructions, lacking personal aptitude or any prerequisite skills (i.e. not retaining or understanding necessary concepts, etc.), or refusing to put in the work it takes to find clients are not the faults of Slay Your Gram or its creator, Tejal Chopra

The course provides ALL of the tools necessary to do the work properly and to find clients. I just can’t do the work for you.

Finally, students acknowledge that I will not find clients for them. Aside from being impossibly time-consuming to be constantly on a quest to find clients for every student, I have no guarantee that your work is actually good unless I see it. If I tell someone to use you, and you’re not as good as you’d hoped, that would become our responsibility.

 Remember, taking my course does not invariably make you an expert — you either work towards it, or you don’t.
Slay Your Gram is a course in which you enroll, not a product you purchase, use, then just return if they don’t fit. After access is granted, due to the sensitive, proprietary nature of the copyrighted content, I do not refund tuition fees for any reason.

Similar to a college or university class environment, you cannot request a refund from the instructor once you’ve purchased the course.

I’ve put years of hard work into this course. I know that if what I teach is implemented, you will easily make the investment back over and over again. I get to see it happen very often.

I also do not offer refunds because I am building a community of professionals committed to taking action and making their lives better. When you enroll, you are committing. If you’re not ready to take action, don’t commit.

If you are a customer and have any concerns, please email us at hello@tejalchopra.com using the email id that you purchased with.

If you implement the course, you would get results. If you don't, you won't get results. If you feel stuck with the tech or feel like a part of the class isn’t making sense, Email us and we will walk you through a solution.
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